"I would prefer not to." Psychology for Change-Makers.

Leading in today's world means leading in a VUCA world. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity put decision-makers under pressure and threat. 


They key to successful leadership in such a world is the capability to reflect and regenerate, rather than operating on autopilot. 


To achieve this, future leaders and experts need to familiarise themselves with a new kind of tool-set that combines the best of behavioral economics, neuroscience and psychoanalysis: 


Insights about the two Kahneman systems, developing top teams, innovate & change. 

Knowledge about hidden biases & bugs, blindspots, unconscious conclusions, competing commitments and operating inner scripts.

Awareness of shifting filters,  changes of perspectives. The capability to move on the defend-discover axis.

Developing resilience by building on the mind-body loop, mindfulness, moving on, staying strong, keeping cool. 


This is why we offer stories, bites, bugs and shifts that bring the most cutting-edge insights to bring out the best in leaders and experts across the board. We offer trainings on inspiration, reflection & action for leaders and experts. 

We deliver the best tools to create mind-shifts and leadership excellence. 


Peter Grassinger