Learn & Lead.

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other (John F. Kennedy, prepared for delivery in Dallas that day in 1963). 

Featured Story.

He leads the show: Dr. Pomo is a confidence man, an artistic criminal who subtly and increasingly builds trust to rip off his victims. Read about how successful impostors are excellent readers of the minds of others. 

Bites, Bugs & Shifts.

#1 What is VUCA ? 

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity are shaping the world we live in.  A big part of that is industry 4.0. Immerse yourself into uncertainty. 

So, how do we need to approach a VUCA world?

#2 How important is optimism ?

#3 The key is reflection. 

#4 We need to shift our minds with tools. 

#5 Spot your blindspots. 


Our services are building blocks and tools that can be combined in trainings, leadership camps and development programs as well as individual leadership coaching.

- Decoding Blindspots  


- Developing Perspectives


- Presence, Enthusiasm & Self-Confidence


- Handling Challenges & Threats


- Disrupt & Innovate


- Collaborate & Empower to Perform


- Lean in