Peter Grassinger.

Trainer, consultant, coach. Focused on leadership, collaboration, innovation. Effective personal development programmes. Mental and emotional fitness, mindfulness. Top team development. Cultural transformation, Navigator-Coaching.


Leadership is a question of attitude, mindset and behaviour. Inspiration, reflection and action build resilient, foward-leaning and high performing personalities who will meet future challenges and threats with confidence and a sense for future possibilities. Such leaders lead their teams to top performance, basing their leadership on trust, openess and commitment. I work 1:1, with nuanced feedback, on equal terms. 


Psychologist.  Trainings in personal growth, behaviour and change management. Systemic therapy training. Training in mediation. Certifications: REISS-Profile, DiSG, Management Drives. 


Trainer, consultant and coach for more than two decades. My clients include international corporations, SMEs, academies.  



Peter Grassinger

Karl-Schurz-Str. 32

70190 Stuttgart

Fon: +49 170 8089047