Body & Soul.


Your body is not just a handy silhouette for the mind. What are you doing with a garden, which is entrusted to you? Read Helmut Milz: Der eigen-sinnige Mensch. Listen to Van Morrison - In The Garden.

Bites, Bugs & Shifts.

#1 Striking a pose: Fake it till you make it.

Your body influences your self-confidence. Amy Cuddy's fascinating research is just one of the many examples for that. 

#2 Mindfulness: Drop into yourself.

#3 Resilience.

#4 Happiness & Well-being


Our services are building blocks and tools that can be combined in trainings, leadership camps and development programs as well as individual leadership coaching.


- Choosing perspectives 


- Move on the defend-discover axis


- Power & resilience 


- Self-renewal


- Mindfulness